Question Z270X Gaming 7 Thunderbolt 3 problems with Audio Interface

Mar 2, 2021
So for the last couple years I have been using the UAD Apollo 8p audio interface with my windows 10 PC. It worked great until I decided to upgrade the storage. I went with a NvME M.2 Samsung SSD as my main drive. I also, have 3 other hard drives that hold media and plugins. Now when I go to connect my apollo 8p using thunderbolt 3 port with adapter it no longer recognizes the interface. I tried unplugging one of the drives cause I thought maybe there was not enough power but still nothing. Does the Nvme M.2 SSD interfere with the thunderbolt 3 port? I use a startech thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt adapter which has been working great in the past until now. The mother board is gigabyte Z270X gaming 7. I replaced the thunderbolt cable and still nothing. Do I have too many drives plugged in? Does the apollo use pcie lanes? UAD and gigabyte support has been very slow to respond and now I can't use my very expensive gear. PLEASE HELP!