Question z370 extreme 4 AND ASROCK THUNDERBOLT AIC3

Jan 19, 2020
i need help. i am loosing my mind. i bought 3500 in recording interfaces that require thunderbolt. i had a z370 motherboard, and come to find out it was the only one that does not support thunderbolt. i have purchased a z730 extreme 4, and installed it to my case. i out thye thunderbolt card in the bottom pci slot, and plugged the thunderbolt cable into the motherboard thunderbolt slot. i then went into bios and enabled thunderbolt. there is a blue led light on the bottom of the card, but i do not see it in device manager. and it will not detect my frocusright 8prex. please help. thanks in advance. i have the thunderbolt card in pcie4. thunderbolt is enabled in the bios. but i do not see the card anywhere in device manager.
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