Question Z390 Asrock Taichi ultimate vs z390 Gigabyte Aorus master, which to pick?


Mar 11, 2018
Why taichi ultimate cost a little more then aorus master? Which features taichi ultimate has , that aorus master has not?
going to use i9 9900k + 2080ti + noctua n15+ 32gb(2x16gb) g.skill 3200 cl14 ripjaws samsung b-die chips + power supply aerocool project 7 650 w platinum plus
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This is the best comparison I've seen between those two boards, and the differences are so minimal that it's mostly up to which aesthetic you prefer. Personally, I like the BIOS configuration on the Taichi better (And ASRock boards in general) and I think it's a better LOOKING board, but there is little reason to choose one over the other in terms of voltage regulation, overclocking or features.,5858-4.html

Personally, I I'd much prefer an ASUS board, but honestly between the two boards you listed it's half one dozen of the other, so maybe just go with whichever one you can get for less or whichever you like the looks of better.


They are exactly the same except that the Ultimate has an Aquantia network controller and chrome colored power and reset buttons that are missing on the regular Taichi.

In fact, aside from those two things, our review specifically states :

Panning out, we see nothing to surprise readers of the former Z390 Taichi review: meaning, they are the same board with only a different network controller and a couple of chrome buttons. There is really nothing "ultimate" about it. It doesn't even have an improved VRM configuration, which is something you'd expect when you pay more for a higher tiered board.

Compared to the Aorus master, I'd go for the Aorus master, or the regular Taichi. There is nothing about the Taichi master that would make me look at that board in a favorable light over these others.

This would be much better than any of those and is only a few bucks more than the Taichi Ultimate or Aorus master.

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