Question Z390 elite , 2080 ti lightning z , superflower 1000W , 16 gb trident Z royal , boot but no display , pass the P.O.S.T but monitor won't work

Nov 26, 2022
I have recently upgrade some part of my pc ( psu and cpu watercooling) before i do the upgrade all was working perfeclty fine ,my gpu had no issue. i had a 650w psu so i decide to upgrade to a 1000w cuz 650 is very low for 2080ti , but now monitor didnt show nothing when i press the start button .

Also my mobo hdmi didnt work when my gpu is pluged in my mobo, it only work when gpu unplugged. i know the pc pass through the P.O.S.T when i start it , cuz we can hear windows start noise , and my mobo have red light on for the vga debug bulb , i have try with a gtx 1080 and all work fine , monitor showing image .

Im 99% sure about the fact that the 2080 ti is working fine , i have try restart cmos , uninstall psu and reinstall , i have try with my old psu tho and it was didnt working anymore , i also try with another mobo and it does the same ,please help!!

Aorus z390 elite
Msi 2080 ti lightning z edition
Superflower 1000W
16gb ddr4 trident royal z 3000mhz
Vetroo - lurkerv240 (water cooling)
M.2 kingston 1to , gen 4
Case 4000d corsair white