Question Z490-E with i5 10600k

Jan 26, 2021
Hi everybody.

I just build myself a system with an Asus Z490-E ROG, i5 10600k and I wanted to use it with an Geforce 1060 6GB. Is it reasonable to still hang on with 1060 with this configuration?
I decided to go with an Seasonic Focus PX-750 but I am Not sure about the Wattage. My case already indicates that it consumes 130 Watts alone by the ports and 4 system fans that come build in and I still need to add an processor cooler. I have an external HDD and two internal as well as an 128 SSD and I wanted to add up an pcie ssd of a 1tb.
Is the Wattage sufficient? And do you think the config. Is worth the money?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Stay safe and healthy.
First thank you for your reply!
But essentially I need to know if too much wattage could harm any process or material over a long period, if I put a 750W in for example.
Thank you in advance.
The system will only pull the juice that's required. That cpu pulls a decent amount of wattage so anything 550w on up and you'll be good to go.
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