Question Z490 MoBo turn on sometimes (blue light)

Sep 19, 2020
I have a Z490 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 and after trying a new PSU cable I started having some troubles:
It stopped working, instead only a little blue light blinks under the motherboard (near PCI slot. I tried removing everything but didn't work, tried a new cable and nothing, then suddenly by trying between the same two cables it worked again, but when mounting same issue appeared (blue light).

This started to get weird when I tried to remove the screw from the MoBo and case, blue light appeared when I screw it tighter to the case but when detaching the screw a bit it worked again! I can't see anything in the case shorting, this is the Motif Monument case, so its just a big piece of metal with nothing else in it.

Since I couldn't find a reason for the blue light I have to unmount the MoBo and instead of the blue light started to have 3 blinking led (2 blue light and 1 green/light blue) all in the same section (under the mobo near PCI slot). Anyone knows what's going on? what does it mean to have a little blue light blinking or 3 lights blinking?