Question Z490 Taichi overclocking


Jul 20, 2020
Tried my hand at manual overclocking my i7 10700k using the Asrock a-tuner utility. Was fairly simple because all you have to do is up the CPU ratio, test, then up the voltage as needed until you pass whatever stress test you're using. Then save the profile and set it to load at startup. I'm now stable at 5.1mhz at 1.350 cache voltage. But I noticed when checking my bios that it still shows the 5.1 EZ OC turbo settings that I was using before I tried manually OC. When rebooting, A-tuner properly loads what I set it to. If I try to set the bios I'm still confused on what to set. It still shows auto for everything like it was when it was set with the 5.1 EZ OC. Trying to change from auto just lets me input a number but I don't know what to put in to mirror what A-tuner has set. Like there is nothing in there about ratios. I know the manual A-tuner settings are actually being used because before the EZ OC said it was set at 5.1, but I would never get higher than 4.5. And reading up I see that those sort of auto OC are never as good as manual settings. Now that it's manually set I see that it's actually at 5.1.
Do I have to worry about properly setting the bios or just let the utility do it every time I boot?

Another question is about CPU cache ratio. That's still set at 45 while the CPU ratio is at 51. I read that you should set it to 3 ratio below the CPU ratio. But I'm stable so do I need to change that?

Final question. Do I need to change anything else? I just left all the other sliders alone. lol I have no idea what I'm doing here. This is all pretty much another language to me but I can at least get the basics down enough from reading and watching vids.