Question Z490M-Plus And Memory Overclocking I NEED HELP

Nov 1, 2020
Hello guys
i'm building a new system and already ordered a Asus Z490M-Plus and TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z 3200 RAM
the processor will be I5 10400F
but i canceled the order because i'm afraid that the ram might be not supported by the motherboard and sadly i can't afford anymore money to upgrade neither of them
i searched on asus qvl page i didn't find it i found some other models of the ram but not the exact model also the only one reply on amazon reviews asking about the P model of this motherbaord was the following and i didn't understand it
Q: Is this compatible with the asus prime z490-p?
A: Not 100% sure but I would find out if it uses the hynix chips because the set i received does and they do not allow you to use xmp profile to get the advertised speed
i know that the board not the greatest but i just wanted something give me 3200mhz so i can get best performance out of the cpu
can someone please confirm if they will be compatible and even if. will i face any problems trying overclocking it or even get the 3200mhz i'm looking for ?
thanks in advance