Question Z590 Board with 10th gen Intel CPU Question

Jul 16, 2021
I am going to be using the GIGABYTE AORUS PRO AX board with the intel core i9 10900k but I have a question:
On (pcpartpicker) if you scroll down to the compatibility notes, it says that "the first m2 slot WILL ONLY WORK if a 11th gen cpu is used". which m2 slot does this correspond to on the manual?
... because the manual ALSO SAYS that if u run a ssd in the m2b and m2c slot, the pcie16x slot running at 16x will only run at 8x. which slot should I install the m2 pcie ssd so that I can run the graphics card at 16x AND have the ssd installed without it being disabled?

keep in mind i dont really care about the speed of the ssd, if I have to trasnfer pictures in the future, I can install it in the slot that will optimize the ssd performance and not the graphics card.

here is my hypotheses: on page 5 of the manual (, I assume that the 1 m2 slot pcpartpicker refers to is the pcie gen 4 bus on the top of the diagram (m2a), and the 2 slots the motherboard uses that also compromise the lanes of the graphics card (assuming im installing it in the 16x slot) correspond to the m2b and m2c slots. does this mean that the only slot that fits my situation is the m2p slot? or am I wrong in some way?
Yes you are correct, see page 5, it clearly shows that only M2P slot is connected directly to chipset. M2A uses Gen 4 lanes form CPU and M2B and M2C share lanes with GPU. So your only option in this case is M2P slot.