Question Z590-e Rog Strix Dont recognize nvme on the M2_2 slot

Feb 4, 2023
I acquired Z590-e Rog strix motheboard to use with my intel 10700k , So, m2_2 slot wich is compatible with 10th processors, motheboard dont shows my nvme evo 970 pro in the bios.

I researched and heard that if you use the m2_2 the pcie_e_1 will be limited to 8x, is that correct?
the board even without having configured and without gpu connected in the pci-e slot shouldn't at least show my nvme in the setup?

in the bios setup manual of asus says:
M2_2 Configuration options into setup bios tab advanced:
Auto - auto detects the m2_2 device mode
Sata - only supports m2_2 Sata
PCI-E - only supports m2_2 pice devices.

PCI-e Configuration options: ( would that be the option?, because in default mode it does not recognize any nvme that I have )
pcie16_1 + pcie_16_2
pcie16_1 + M2_2