Z68 & sandy bridge. did i get this right?


Sep 11, 2010
Sandy Bridge cpus have dedicated graphics built into them. So does this mean using sandy bridge cpu on z68 mobo will allow me to use the dedicated graphics on the cpu? Also, does only the z68 mobo support this?

How are the dedicated graphics on the sandy bridge? I might use them until the graphics card price drop start happening.
Not all Z68 chipset motherboards give you direct access to the IGP on the Sandy Bridge CPU.

If you want to use the IGP as your primary graphics processor until you get a discrete graphics card then look for a motherboard that has a DVI or HDMI or VGA port on its back I/O panel.

The Z68 chipset motherboards that don't have any video ports on their back I/O panel require that a discrete graphics card be installed.