Z68 vs x79?


Nov 6, 2010
okey... so im about to buy a new pc and everything... processor i7 2600k 8gb bla bla... gaming of course... my question is... what should i buy?.... a z68 mobo or a x79 mobo and what brand?

what are your current pc specs?
what is your budget?
sb-e and x79 offer native support for pcie 3.0(untested), 40+ lanes of pcie 2(3.0 untested), quad channel ram, 2-4 gpu cfx or sli, at least dual card sli/cfx at x16, more oc option than regular lga 1155 sandy bridge. sb-e also delivers better multithreaded performance than sb in cases where heavy multi tasking or highly threaded applications are concerned.
mainstream sb and z68 offer limited oc (only with multiplier) with k series cpus, has quick sync support, dual channel ram, 16 pcie 2.0 lanes from cpu and 8 more from z68 chipset.
sb-e and x79 do not offer a lot of performance advantage in gaming over sb and z68 right now. pcie 2 cards cannot saturate gen 2 bandwidth. so you should be fine with dual cards at x8+x8 configuration. sb-e processors and x79 motherboards cost a lot more than sb. iirc i7 3930k is $500+ and core i5 is $220 right now. the prices can change anytime, though. what i mean is, you can pay much less and still get a lot of performance out of sandy bridge i5 or i7 with z68.