Question Z690 Aorus Master - no RGB lights and no speakers sound

Jul 6, 2022
Hello community members!

I've just purchased this motherboard and seems to work fine, except two things: no RGB lights and no sound through the speakers. - Even if I'm not a big fan of RGB stuff, I want to know that my mb has no faults. The other RGBs works (ram and gpu). With RGB Fusion 2.0, I can set colors, etc. but nothing happens on mb, no lights, nothing! And sound, the biggest problem! I can have sound through the front panel (headphones) but no from the back where I normally connect the speakers, although "device works fine" and Windows tests are ok.
I tried everything I found on the internet but with no results... including clear CMOS, reset everything, even downgrade BIOS (and upgrade it again)... and it's a fresh Windows installation (and update to 11).
From Gigabyte support I received a simple answer: go for warranty! But this is not a gaming computer but a work one, so I cannot afford to wait up to two weeks for a service solution.
Fortunately, for sound I find a solution - to plug in the jack to Line In and from the Realtek console to map it to Front Speakers Out.
So, my question is: what thing on the mb controls this aspects? I suppose is a faulty chip so I'm worried about other possible effects... I can live without RGB lights, no problem, but I just want to know why doesn't work.

Thank you!


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

it's a fresh Windows installation
Where did you source the installer for your OS?

(and update to 11)
You're advised to reinstall Windows 11 after an upgrade from Windows 10, then manually installing all drivers necessary for your platform in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

even downgrade BIOS (and upgrade it again)
BIOS version would help us two fold.

so I cannot afford to wait up to two weeks for a service solution.
You might want to look through some other threads where RMA'ing a component or two was recommended by either the community, here, or by the brand of said component...user refused to RMA to avoid downtime, only to end up with a downtime longer than necessary(3 months plus), primarily due to logistical issues and/or bad stock keeping. The issue might be a precursor to a larger problem.

Can you parse the specs to your entire build like so:
Jul 6, 2022
Yeah, sorry, I should have provided information about the system.

CPU: i5-12600k
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master
Ram: 2x16 ADATA XPG LANCER RGB DDR5 (6000 cl40)
SSD/HDD: Samsung 980 Pro (M2, 500GB) for OS
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3050
PSU: Corsair RM 650
Chassis: Corsair 600T
OS: Windows 11 (trough upgrade)
Monitor: 2x Dell U2412M

- I reinstalled Windows 10 from my original CD.
- I could try to install directly Windows 11 but shouldn't the lights be on by default? I even tried to power up the motherboard without anything connected (except cpu with the cooler) and nothing!

In the worst scenario I probably go for another mb and this one to RMA... just to find a free spot in my projects.