Question Z690 Gigabyte UD or MSI Pro ddr4?


Dec 11, 2016
Which motherboard do you recommend between the relatively cheap Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4 and MSI Pro z690 ddr4 for a 13600k ?

In case of OC it will be a light one.

Looks like the Gigabyte has more USB at the back but is hotter no?

MSI has the better bios?
just a comparison of specs:

MSI: one more M.2 port
more VRMs
more fan ports
more analogue audio ports in the back
Ethernet chip Intel I225-V

Gigabyte: one more USB
more and probably better mosfets
Ethernet chip realtek rtl8125bg
officially supports faster Ram speed OC (5333MHz -> MSI 5200MHz)