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Question Z730-H Gaming | Audiospatial Issue.


Oct 9, 2013
Basically Title. I realized recently that I've never heard positional audio correctly. I've had this mobo for like 2-3 years and I'm just now figuring out that my audio was absolute dogshit.

I discovered it playing a battle royale called Hunt Showdown and Aim Lab. I played aim lab and did the 8 way audio-spatial test, and failed it horribly, could only tell 4 way sound unless I was spinning around to help isolate the sound.

I thought it was the Aim-Lab game and they said it was unfinished (which it says everywhere) but no actual confirmation it was the game. Fast forwrad a few MONTHS, they still haven't updated the audio but I was messing aroudn and I turned on audio-spatial format, and I can suddenly actually tell where things are directionally, but it locks my audio at 16bit 48000h. I have no idea how this affects the games binaural audio, but steam forum and reddit seem to think it is best setup for 24bit 44100hz.

Then there is also the issue of my mobo's audio software. In theory I really like it, Sonic Studio 3 seems to have smart volume to keep things from being too loud or quiet, equalizer and other nice features I have 0 idea how to use, I would love to if anyone knows how to work it, but that's another point for another thread.

My main issue is, again, as follows, without a spatial sound format, I don't hear directions any more than 4 way directional. But I would only hear front left right, anything behind me sounded exactly the same as infront of me, and audio events on diagonals from where I was looking were either reported directly infront of me or to the side, it would take spinning around and getting some variable volume to isolate any sound to a specific direction. But I feel like the spatial sound format (besides costing money, its DTS headphoneX is the only one that gives me directional audio, Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos all sound the same as no spatial sound format. And it doens't matter weather I use default windows driver or the realtek driver for my mobo (and sonic studio), directional audio doesn't work without a spatial sound format. (And to my knowledge, never has worked, I just never knew because its the only point of reference I had.)

Tested this on both a HyperX Cloud Stinger, and a Plantronics Gamescom 788, both suffered the same audio issues being unable to hear exact direction, distance, or positioning without a spatial sound format, and spatial sound formats causing distortions in the audio to some degree.

I also noted when watching streams of the same game (hunt showdown). If I am listening via stream, even without audio-spatial sound formats, I can hear directions of things. Their audio sounds infinitely better than what I get in game. The ambient bugs and such are incredibly quiet, but footsteps are not only louder but clear and I can tell exactly where they are coming from. I don't understand how this is a thing consideirng.... i'm listening to the stream with the exact same PC and headset I use playing my own game, and their also... playing the same game, but in their stream I hear things fine, in my own game it sounds significantly worse.

(NOTE-- The below side question mentions using VB cable and using "Listen to this Device". I have no idea how that affects enahancements of any kind on the original audio, but all tests were replicated and confirmed direclty on my headset by itself. Meaning, my limitation to like 3 directioanl audio was not from VB cable, and was also noted even when audio was directly sent to the headset.)

Also, side question that is very relevant, is there any way to get sonic studio enhancements on other audio cables? I stream and youtube (as a hobby like everyone else), but I need to seperate audio cables. So normally, I have everything go into VB cable, then I replay VB cable on my headset, and send VOIP programs to my headphones (called speakers in audio options) directly. This allowed me to record without picking up VOIP sounds, and change voip from audible to hidden in stream settings, with sonic studio, I cannot modify settings for anything that isn't the default, and I cant set VB cable as default because then do the enhancements get mimiced when I 'listen to this device' to my headset? Basically, I don't understand how I could keep my audio cleanly split for recording and make use of the enhancements because of limitations in the app or something I'm missing /not thinknig of.