Question Z77 oc formula identifying bad hardware


Dec 10, 2012
I’m currently trying too diagnose what went wrong with my pc. Currently I believe it might be my cpu, I ordered new ram sticks and went to use them.

Now I have an old I7-3770k.
With my new sticks I put one in each slot of my z77, the 2nd slot runs through the boot process then stops at the south bridge initialization error 72, and the power remains on. some times and completely randomly it gives me a error 62, north bridge iniatlization and I can’t get any further as well, just power on error 62 or 72 randomly
Both of these problems also happens with the 4th slot.

Slot 1 and 3 give me a memory error, error 55, memory error. if I don’t install any ram it instantly goes to error 53 memory undetecable. So there is a difference, it is detecting the memory.

I have an old Z68 extreme 3 gen 3, that I put the same processor and my old sticks in, I still haven’t tried the new ones, I just haven’t gotten around too it yet.

With the same processor and NO ram installed, it gives me error 53, no ram detected however with every slot on my z68 with 1 stick, or 2 and every pattern.

It’s all the same, error 55.

I know the CPU and sticks work with the z68 because it’s what I upgraded out of. And the errors are all the same, error 55 ram detected, but memory error. No bridge initialization freezes like with the z77.

I have cleared my CMOS every time I tried something old sticks and new.

this is what prompted me to get new ram, however this didn’t work. Considering the new sticks are doing the same exact thing as the old ones in the z77.
And with the same processor in either motherboard, I’m lead to believe that I fried my CPU.

A little more info that leads me to believe I fried my CPU is that I was running it pretty hard, 5.0+ volts trying to play with the new z77 and max my clocks. Yes I no this was extreme but I did have it working for a few months like this, so Im thinking my experimenting slowly killed it. I would love some more input before I pay for new parts, I’d love to try to pick the right part before I get anything new. Any other information/xp would be great too.

Thanks in advance