Question Z87 MPOWER no POST

Jun 28, 2020
Hello guys, i moved everything from old to new case and then i had no POST and 1 beep (it was on standoffs).
I took out memory cleaned it put it back (this is a bit weird part, when moving from one case to another i didn't touch memory at all), no more beep but still no POST, checked are slots but no difference.
Never heard before about breadbording, but that also didn't help.
Reset CMOS no change.
Used PSU from other PC no change.
You can see what i see now

Is there still chance to make it work? Could it be PSU fault? I made this PC in 2016 and didn't move PSU cables for all those years, could it be damaged when i was putting it in new case?

Board: Z87-Mpower
BIOS: default bios not sure what it is
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4690K
MEM: 2x8GB, HyperX Fury White 3200MHz
PSU: XFX TS Series P1-550G-TS3X
Output Current+3.3V - 20 A
+5V - 20 A
+12V - 45 A
-12V - 0.3 A
+5VSB - 2.5 A
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