z97 buget mobo

Also depends on whether you are overclocking, or need SLI/Crossfire support or some other feature. Not sure if all Z97 supports M.2 for SSD (I like this feature since it minimizes cable clutter).

AUDIO varies as not all have the newest chip which I think is ALC1150. Probably not much difference.

Quality differences exist such as general manufacturing quality, capacitors used (longevity) etc.

Also, make sure your CASE supports it as some don't support full ATX (some only microATX).

The linked Gigabyte from the first comment looks good. For a bit more I'd recommend the Asus Z97-E instead:

I hate Mail In Rebates but they are hard to avoid.

*I suggest looking at the Asus Z97-E and note some of the features. Even little things like the ability to reduce audio "pop" noise which other motherboards may not have:

I also think the UEFI BIOS looks quite sharp. Don't forget to install the motherboard software and setup fan control etc.

My dad's Asus motherboard had a cool FAN feature which I'm pretty sure the Z97 Asus boards all support. After installing the fan software I could simply click a link and the software attempted to automatically optimize the fan speed. It would run up the CPU fan, then any attached case fans individually and all at the same time. It would note how that affected temperature. If spinning up a case fan gave little benefit then it wouldn't do that.

Seemed to work okay.