Question z97 gaming 5 wont even turn on

Feb 11, 2021
i just bought a z97 gaming 5 used off ebay with a i7 4790k . i set it up with 16 gb 2000 mhz ram r9 380 , 2 tb baracuda hdd, 500 gb sdd ,250 gb m.2 nvme, and 600 w evga bronze, so before i did anything i just had 1 stick of ram my psu my processor plugged and and got nothin the fan on the psu didnt even turn on so i check psu with paperclip and worked fine as it should considering bought brand new 2 days ago, so then i plugged in my graphics card which fans started everything so i know its not the psu so my >? is did i get screwed and sent a alrdy dead board (also the usb port had like 5 bent pins), an dis it worth trying to fix
Mar 8, 2021
make surefront panel header cables is connected properly (especially power LEDs)...
Unplug everything and start from zero to find out where is problem.
start with only CPU without anything... when you press to turn on, CPU cooler must spin about 2-3 sec and turn off itself. if it does... add RAM Stick and continue this way till the end

Math Geek

strip it down and check everything again. it's obviously possible you got a bad board, but if possible can you try a different cpu? could be that instead of the mobo that is not working.

but it sure sounds like one or the other is not working right. bent pins on the usb and other mobo damage certainly points to that being the problem if it has been abused before you got it.

i have a 4690k on this same mobo built new and it still works great. but then i've never damaged it.
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