Zalman CNPS5X fan orientation


Dec 18, 2012
I'm building my first computer in a small Lian Li PC-A55B case with a used Intel D101GGC M/B as a basis for a compact,basic but capable photographics/graphic/publishing "work station" on a budget. With a single LG DVD multidrive and USB 2.0 connections it's a 'circa 2006' with 'Pentium D' 915 'Presler' 2GB of DDR ram and a Zotac 1GB passively-cooled video card to run Windows XP Pro SP3.
I'm blocking out all the unused rear openings with aluminum and using a NoiseBlocker PK-1 700rpm for the bottom 'intake' and another NoiseBlocker PK-2 1200rpm on the topside 'exhaust'. The airflow will directly cool the video card and lift the CPU's heatsink/fan unit's heat directly out the top.
By running the top faster than the bottom, I'm creating a 'negative' pressure inside the case forcing cooler air into the case through the front/bottom openings and up through the Seasonic X-series 400watt PSU. It will work okay this way, BUT I would like to upgrade the stock Intel fan/heatsink with a ZALMAN CNPS5X which would be running with the fan blades/rotor assembly "hanging" from the 'FSB' fluid shield bearing - right?

How long will the fan last operating in this position with a 'FSB' bearing that has some sort of 'fluid' movement to it to make it viable as a design?
I have sent a few emails to Zalman and they disappeared into some sort of "Black Hole" in 'cyberspace'. My 'research' into Zalman customer service has been totally unrewarding to date. It's all a "dice throw" it seems . . . or, is it?

At least here, there ARE people who read and want to help one another. So, with my apology for my lack of brevity to get my question asked, would anyone care to offer their opinion about this fan in my application's design?
Oh, THANK YOU in advance!!!!! Dan


Dec 14, 2012
i have a CNPS5X performa i can tell you it does work pretty well it keeps my cpu (overclocked) at around 35C under load and about 14C idle but i can not say how well it would do in your setup