zalman heatpipe on radeon 9800 pro?


Jul 24, 2003
well im deciding on getting a radeon 9800 pro cuz a fx5900 would require lots of cooling...and i dont even have any space in my cpu to add any cooling..and i dont really wanna mod the case i was wondering if the zalman heatpipe cooler was better than the stock heatsink that the powercolor uses..?
Actually it's not really cooler, it still needs to diipate the same amount of heat. And if you read the review it gets VERY hot to the touch. You will need to put a fan directly over/on the heatpipe if you want to do some serious OCing.

There are new Sapphire Ultimate Editions for the R9600P and R9800P. The R9600P stays cool, but the R9800P was hot to the touch (~75C if I remember correctly).

Review from UK gamer:
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Review at Beyond 3D:
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