Zapped due to faulty electric or laptop and smartphone wires touching?

Jan 1, 2020
Hello, I was on my smart phone, the smart phone was plugged into the wall socket but the thing is, the electricity to the sockets are randomly going on and off. Needs an electrician to see to it.
So the socket was on as in the switch was on but there was no power. Anyways all of a sudden I get this little tingling feeling in my finger and I think
I heard a zapping or buzzing noise before, during or just after that incident.
My laptop was plugged in as well but not sure about if the socket was on and it's power cable was touching and crossed by the charging wire of the smart phone. Could this of have added to getting this little shock on my finger?

Just would like to get other people's opinions on this because i don't want to be electricuted or anything like that.
I would like to request a best practice of using the laptop, smart phone please.