Question Zelotes C12 gaming mouse

Apr 14, 2019
Tl;dr - My mouse has 6 side buttons, numbered 4 - 7. When I press them the computer thinks I'm pressing those numbers on the keyboard, and I want it to differentiate between the two.

I recently purchased a Zelotes C12 programable gaming mouse. I installed the software that comes with it which is meant to allow you to program the function of each button (in theory it should work like Razer Synapse), but changing thins in the Zelotes softaware doesn't actually change what the mouse does - regardless of how I set it, the mouse just works in it's default mode.

In this mode, when I press one of the numbered side buttons, the computer thinks I'm pressing that number on the keyboard, eg when I press the mouse button that says 8 on it, the computer thinks I've pressed 8 on the keyboard. What I would like to happen is for the computer to see that I'm pressing a mouse button - failing that, I'd settle for the computer thinking I'm pressing a different key on the keyboard, e.g. when I press '8' on the mouse, the computer thinks I've pressed, say, '[' on the keyboard, then I can bind the [ key to an action in the game.

Things I have tried:
  • Microsoft keyboard and mouse centre - not a microsoft mouse
  • X Mouse button control - it doesn't see the extra mouse buttons as mouse buttons, so there's no option to change them
  • Control panel, Device manager etc
  • The driver software from the manufactures website - it accepts the changes I make and saves them, it just doesn't actually change what the mouse does.
System info:
Dell Optiplex 990
i7 - 2600
GTX 750Ti
Windows 10 Home 64 bit