Zotac 1050 ti 4gb OC

May 30, 2018
Yo, I know i'm late on that trend, but i'm running a 1050 ti 4gb Oc from zotac at 1506mhz. I wish I knew how to OC that GPU. It's running under a Ryzen 5 1400 Overclocked at 3.9ghz (1.35v) and 2x8gb Ballistix 2400. MOBO is a MSI mortar b350, what do you think?

What's the best setting I can achieve?

Should I buy a 1060 6gb mini from zotac? (or is it still some power to suck out of this GPU??)

also, don't care about life spent issues and stuff, I know I'm sucking life away from it...hertz by hertz


the 1050ti is a good card and i have had them both. the 1060 will just allow you to crank up the 1080p settings and maintain them better but no need to update now just wait for the new stuff to come out. as far as OC each card is different when i had my 1050ti I was getting +175 on core clock and +350 on base clock with no issues. I would start lower that that and see if you have any stability issues. if not then work your way up a little at a time lie +15mhz bumps until theres an issue then back it down a bit