Question Zotac 3080 Watercooling PROBELMS

Nov 17, 2022
I purchased the correct corsair waterblock for my Zotac Trinity 3080 LH OC. No problems installing but when I try to run my computer I have problems. Sometimes it will boot into windows but after about a minute, weather or not I' doing anything, my displays will go blank. Keyboard shorrcuts to turn off the PC no longer work at this point but all components still have power. My cooling loop is running fast and cold and it cooled my CPU fine before I tried adding the GPH. In Linux it runs fine at at around 37 celcius but the same thing happens when I do a stress test. Is there anything simple I'm missing or did I just kill my card somehow when installing the cooler?


Sep 10, 2015
I will try reinstalling the cooler eventually. Could you elaborate on reinstalling the drivers?
Use Display driver uninstaller in safe mode.
After that download, the latest driver from Nvidia and that is all.
If the GPU is working in Linux - the card is fine.

Can you give the specs of your PC like PSU, case and so on
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