Question Zotac 4090 AMP Extreme Airo reloading LED infinitely ?

Jan 25, 2023
After update from firestorm ver. to firestorm ver.
I've got LED Bug - it is always rebooting like when i started the pc (a bit wave of red color)
First of all i tryed to restart pc/ then firestorm/ then bios of gpu/ but now it seems like something went wrong. I decided to turn off spectra but this reboot led still presents and really annoying me.
I tryed to look for the same problem but found that led wasn't working at all for 3080 and less zotac gpu's

Also i tryed to turn off the pc for a while (mb bios or smth will reboot (who knows)) but no affect at all. Still stupid red wave.

What should i do?

UPD: did a quick video for understanding -
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