Zotac 9800 GT OC ing problem.


Aug 8, 2006
I recently upgraded my ageing 7800 GTX to a Zotac 9800 GT and now ive had the 9800 GT for a couple of months I thought I would try and OC it. Well I was surprised when the Zotac wouldnt even get up to 700 without crashing my games (this was using Rivatuner) so I d/l ed ATI tool to check the temps and test my over clocks before trying anothing ingame.

Well with ATI Tool I can overlock the card past 700 and leave it scanning for aritfacts for over an hour and its fine but when I jump into a game it will alst maybe 5-10 minutes before freezing up. The temps arent going past 50c.

I have the latest Nvidia drivers and the latest version of Rivatuner and ATI Tool. Any help would I would be grateful.

System Spec. Below.

Windows XP pro.
Core 2 Duo 6700 Oced to 3.2 ghz
Zotac 9800 GT (latest Drivers)
Asrock Intel 945GC A2
PSU 550 Watt.
2 GiG DDR II PC 5300