Zotac GTX 1070 no video output not detected, integrated graphics works fine

Feb 22, 2018
I have been using this GPU for a while now, i had the computer in storage for a while and recently i've been trying to get it back on. Ive gotten so far where i can boot it with the graphics card powered up and the fans spin and it lights up and everything, but there is no video output from the card. Integrated graphics works fine though.
Here is what i have tried

  • - installing new drivers (didn't work because it didn't detect the card)
    - using the display driver uninstaller tool to uninstall the drivers, didn't do anything
    - using NVFlash to flash GPU bios, (didn't work because it didn't detect the card)
    - flashing motherboard BIOS
Even putting in a different GTX 1070 worked fine, this specific card doesn't work.
The only difference between when i was using this machine before, and using it now is that the windows installation has changed, new drive that used to be with the card mentioned above, could this have caused these issues?
Different GPU working means both motherboard and PSU are fine, therefore problem must lie in GPU. Drive and different Windows installation has nothing to do with the problem, because you should get at least display when in BIOS no matter what drive or system you use. Try the 1070 in another machine if it works there.

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