Question Zotac gtx 1070 ti amp extreme RGB spectra issue.

Feb 26, 2019
I tried finding the solution for my problem all over the place. Usually people are having issue with gtx 1080ti and the problem is not exactly like mine.

So, the problem is i just got a used gtx 1070 ti from a friend. Everything was working fine, except the rgb.

When i do fresh install for driver, the lights on backplate and fan were lighting up but not logo. So I install firestorm and turn on the light on logo. It's working, but somehow lights on all other parts are off, and the option to turn it on in the spectra is greyed out.

When i startup my pc the lights on all the part will turn on briefly for a few second and turn off again leaving only logo light on with the last applied setting.

I tried fresh install driver many times, using DDU and all. Even reset my PC, still not working.
Tried using the 'Spectra fix' thing that people are mentionning it solves their problem, stilll not working, as a matter of fact the did not do anythimg at all after i clicked the fix button.

Not sure what to do now.
Any help is appreciated.



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