Question Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Edition thermal pads


Oct 4, 2014
In a few months my GTX 1080 will have been used for 4 years and the only thing I did is clean the fans and blow some compressed air on it. I want to change the thermal paste and possibly de pads (don't know if necessary) and I am not sure about what thickness should the new pads (if necessary, although after 4 years, they might be) be. I thought about buying 0.5 mm thick ones and then stack them but this seems kind of .... inefficient. Didn't find this info in any teardown videos.

EDIT: GPU running at about 80-82 degrees when gaming.
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Sep 10, 2013
I'm speaking from experience mutiple times & cards, on my 1080ti I have the Kraken-G12
I have no thermal pads on the VRAM & just have a little fan on them becuase the heatsinks kept falling off & they never over heat.. Also I had the chance where I put to big of heat pads that the they actually raised the temp.. So I would say that aslong as they as reletivly cool & not smoothered .5 shold be fine or a little bigger.