Question Zotac H77ITX-A-E GPU and Drivers

Insane Potatoz

Sep 22, 2019
Hi everyone! I purchased a Zotac H77ITX-A-E for my Mini ITX build with an i7-2600k.
I found a Dell OEM RX 480 4gb to use in this build. It displayed an image and booted into windows on a different build, but on this one doesn't, and when it's in the computer the USB ports dont get power either.
Same thing happened with a Radeon W5000.
I used a GTX 1060 3gb (evga) in here, and it displayed a cover image, like when you boot up and either press delete or F8 or whatever, but it was static and I couldn't do anything.
I decided that I'd better install motherboard drivers before I put a GPU in just in case that's the problem. If its not, the motherboard's PCIe slot is probably damaged, so ill have to return it.

But, upon going to Zotac's website to download drivers, theres only support for up to windows 8.1. Here's the website page
Any of you know if i can just download these and they'll work, or if i need to get them somewhere else, or if im not able to download them at all.

Thanks in advance!