News Zotac Thinks That Nvidia Will Make a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

I don't think Nvidia needs to really push such a high-end gaming GPU to the market. The RTX 3090 Ti makes very little sense in this context, imo. Even if they manage to push, it's going to be priced ridiculously.

And like you already mentioned. it would make more sense for NVIDIA to out of TITAN-grade GPU instead of a consumer variant in the stack.

PS: Btw, I really like reading your articles, @Zhiye Liu. Keep it up. :) (y)
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There's still yet to be an Ampere Titan, but that one might not happen.
All the other Titans have managed a 250-300w power profile, with the outlier Volta pushing 320w.
Samsung's 8nm node has bitten Nvidia in the power efficiency department. Perhaps next gen will improve upon that.

Ampere Titan - if one happens:
TDP - 350w? 400w? The hottest Titan yet?

Yeah, I wouldn't count on a 3090Ti.


Dec 12, 2019
There isn't going to be a Titan. Jensen said the 3090 was replacing it when the original announcement took place. There could still be a 3090Ti as the 3090 isn't a full GA102 die. They could also boost memory speed to 21gbps which was the originally announced top speed for GDDR6X. Even with both increases, the improvement isn't going to be noteworthy over a 3090. However, Nvidia did something similar in the past with the Titan X Pascal getting succeeded by the barely faster second Pascal based Titan Xp.
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The 3090's replacing it, even though the Titans would have their own driver packages?
I saw Linus' review of the 3090(there's that notable double take at the SpecViewperf bench followed by a statement from Nvidia), as well as a certain "You're being misled" video by Jim(formerly of AdoredTV), which probably wasn't well received.

The 3090 may as well be the true 3080Ti, and the 3080Ti that some people are looking forward to is actually a 3080 Super.
Previous xx90s, GTX 590 and 690, were dual gpu. 3090 isn't - not to say they couldn't just change what makes a xx90 on a whim, but it's been awhile since the naming popped up. Why xx90 now?