Zotac VR Go Backpack PC: A Stop-Gap For Tether-Free VR (Hands On)

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Jul 21, 2017
my vr room space is in my living room but my normal pc gaming area is in my bedroom. i didnt want to have 2 computers or to lug a big case back and forth and i so hate the dam cable on the ground and before wireless vr was known i decided to make my own vr backpack. my goal was to put the whole computer on my back with the lowest weight possible and have power supplied by a extension cord in pull/counterweight system. the first prototype was about all in all 25 lbs and had the cable retract system fail after awhile doing 360 turns.

the second prototype uses a dan case a4sfx case and my whole powered pc case and all weights about 10 lbs and the alice backpack rig adds another 5 lbs. the second prototype has a slip ring connection between the rig and the extension cable and im able to do 360s with no cords on the ground and since i dont have to worry about batteries i could play pretty much hours if i wanted too.

in a quick pricing if i built what i have in my pc now today with the included backpack rig connections and counterweight system with shelf would cost me

about 2k not including vive vs their 2600.

this includes me being able to upgrade my pc when i want too and not having to buy another computer.


Jun 2, 2016
It would be great to run Google Earth. Go hiking and see what's up ahead, even at night. A new thing, VR Tourism.

Go to an empty field and run Google Moon or Mars.
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