Question Zowie FK1 Mouse keeps stopping after a couple of seconds


May 27, 2016
My mouse will move the cursor and then it will just stop working, i can still right click, left click and use the scroll wheel, just it's not picking up the movement i'm making with the mouse.

I can get the mouse to work by unplugging and then plugging it back it, but that will only usually work for about a minute at the most, mostly stopping after about 5 seconds.

Some occasions it will just go in one direction (like it will just travel across the screen without me doing anything until it reaches the edge of the screen) and no matter what I do it will just keep going.

Some things I have tried:
Every USB port available on my computer
uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them

What are some other things I can try, either through the computer or physically opening the mouse


Try the mouse on another computer.

Try another known working USB mouse on your computer.

Determine if the problem follows the Zowie FK1 or stays with your computer.

As for reinstalled drivers: did you download them via the manufacturer's website? If not, do so.

Take a look in Task Manager. Watch what is happening while the mouse is working and then what changes (if anything) when the mouse stops working. Resource Monitor may be helpful in much the same manner.

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