Question ZTE Blade A6: Display unstable, flickering

Aug 2, 2019
// Edit: I reckon something may be shorting on top, near the proximity sensor. Display's heating up noticeably and quickly in that area only, more than I'd expect it to.

hope someone can help me!

My phone (ZTE Blade A6 (A0620)) hit the road hard last year, cracked the display. I replaced the lcd with a cheap replica from China. I did it with care, made sure everything's tight and working. Case was sealed (glued) reasonably well.
All been fine for several months. The phone is not used heavily, perhaps half an hour daily on average. The device occasionally is exposed to high moisture (vapor). No further mechanical damage is assumed.

Two weeks ago I noticed "burn in", which I "fixed" running one of the screen refresher apps for couple hours.
Shortly after I started noticing following issues with the display:
Flickering, vertical/colored stripes appearing; effects intensifying over time while display is ON.
Turning display off/on gives me couple more minutes before artifacts appear again.

What I already tried: Reboot, bump hard, make sure cards are seated properly.
As mentioned, it's all glued (and I cannot change battery).

Is there anything else I can try before opening it up again?
Do have a multimeter here but only the usb port is exposed as far as I can tell (and I really don't have a clue).
Your ideas and "magic tricks" are very much appreciated.
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May 1, 2016
You shouldn't get cheap displays from a noname brand. I always recommend spending a bit more and getting official replacements. I know sometimes repairing a phone costs more than the phone itself, but bad quality pieces may damage your phone even more.
So I'd say it's the chinese LCD, but I might be wrong...
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Aug 2, 2019
Thanks Ley, I'll definitely try harder finding original parts next iteration. Hopefully nothing else damaged indeed.
It's quite the capable device, love the battery life, so I'm not giving up on it just yet.

What I tried meanwhile: couple hours in deep freeze / temp cycle - no change.
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