ZTE Mozilla is First Firefox OS Smartphone, to Debut at MWC

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Jan 14, 2009
Not that I'm interested in a ZTE phone, but it would be great to see how it performs against the major players. I do wonder tho how they can live up to the hype without an "app store" of sorts.
@ricardok: the Mozilla App Store is a bit special: it's not a set of apps for a mobile OS, it's a bunch of "downloadable websites" which can then be run on any HTML5-compatible browser (with Firefox the main rendering engine). See "Mozilla Marketplace" for an idea.
The novel concept is that you can run the very same application on that MozillaOS, on Android (especially when using Firefox for Android) or on iOS in Safari - provided Safari can run the app - and on your desktop PC (under Firefox).

Considering that Firefox does JIT javascript compilation, colour space management, hardware accelerated rendering, video and sound compression/decompression, multipoint touch management, advanced controllers input management and accelerated 3D rendering using WebGL (among other APIs that allow better interaction between a website and the browser) this does open a large set of possibilities for app programmers with Web skills.
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