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Hello there - i have a predator PH315-51 - whenever i set it to high performance it gets up with temperature close to 65 on ide and 90 on gaming - when i set it moderate performance its stable at 60 degrees while gaming - laptop's fans cleaned carefully - thermal paste was added - cooler doenst help much - any clue ?
Laptop specs:
Corei7 8th gen
GTX 1060
Ram: 8GB DDR4
Systems administrator software mostly started as netware engineer back in 97. Look forward to assisting for you know a lot more Hardware than I do
Not sure how to use this but I need help finding a compatible mother board for the i5 9600k. The problem I’m running into is that lots of people are saying that you have to update bios to new version to allow 9th gen on z390 chip sets but I’m trying to make a new build for my fiancée and can’t get a 8th gen to update it then swap it so I’m looking for one that will work with it out of the box
I have an Asus P5LD2-TVM SE / S Motherboard. It has an Intel pentium4 3.00Ghz Processor. Now today I got delivery of Intel Core 2 Duo E6650 2.8Ghz Processor. but it doesn't work have to update the bios, my current bios is 0302, please give a solution..
where to download the latest bios, on asus it is not available.
Currently restoring two PowerPC Macs:
iMac G5 A1058 (2.0 GHz ALS)
Power Mac G4 PCI 400 MHz

iMac only boots in Safe Mode
Power Mac doesn't boot at all
Fun times!
Still looking for a way to fix my HDD.
you can't really fix hdd, although looking at post at least you didn't expose the platters to dust and destroy them completely. Data recovery services charge a huge amount to stop people just taking drives to them to recover family photos.
@Colif I know i shouldn't just open it and wham stuff into it.And Yeah i guess i'll just save some money for a year or two then hand it to a professional. Thanks tho :)
Sorry to intrude. I finally after much research replied to your question, a very good one actually. Looks like I am locked in... Let me know what you think. Might have to return this and get a different laptop with a different CPU unless I listen to "new school" and low 90's is okay... Thank You for your efforts.
Lenovo k410 tower pc's mobo.
Salam, is there any mobos to replace with my pc's original one. It's only supports 3rd gen CPUs (i.e core i5 3470). I want to upgrade my system for gaming so I want a mobo to support 16 gigs of RAM and a higher cpu than my current one.
Is there any mobo available that I can fit in my lenovo k410's casing. Thanks...
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Excited to continue Old school Rpg. Divinity: Original Sin. (Enhanced Edition) on Steam. I was backer for first one. Plan is to finish it after years break. After that buy S.Edition for 2nd. Love OST, VO's & atmosphere. No hand helding included as in Old School way. Tact. Diff. & to enjoy every moment. ⚔🛡⚕ All hail Larian Studios