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New PC is up and running. Was able to remove cable cover on 5000D airflow and install 3 more intake fans after watching a tear down video on Youtube.

M.2 Drives and chipset are running hot. Adjusting the fan curves fixes this somewhat, but man the fans I have can be loud.
hello gorospaz
I'm from Portugal.
i have a 2007 toshiba a200 (psae6e) that had a 7100 cpu. i was able to successfully upgrade to the t7700.
now i wanted to test the t9300. my bios is v.2.6 but i don't know if it works because i found this:
what is your bios? and the specific model of the a200?
You should start your own thread to possibly get responses from other members:

Ryzen 5 5600x
Gigabyte G1 gaming GTX 980 TI
ASUS TUF B550-Plus
Cougar Case
Cooler Master AIO
750w Modular Segotep PSU
Slowly working on getting software onto new pc. Don't have non-rug space for it yet, so I'm still mostly using my old rig for now.

By the way, this thread really helped alleviate my dragon center concerns. I was able to turn off the rgb on my MSI 3080 as well.
Can I create an USB OS installation drive with multiple OS in it?
If so, then which software can I use to create one?
I want to install an OS from the USB drive, not run an OS from it.
Nice build!
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Don't feel bad. The first xeon I got was several weeks ago and I ordered the wrong one that's not compatible with my motherboard. I had to send it back. I felt so stupid.
Master Djoza
Master Djoza
The modern chipset's (Z490 for example) doesnt seem to support any Xeon's?
When did they "cut" the support for Xeon cpu's for normal motherboards?
Pretty sure it was just before skylake where it ended. There's x79 and x99 boards that support xeons.
I saw your message about centurylink internet service slowing to a crawl when downloading a game. I'm only on their 80Mpbs service but experience the same thing. I've taken multiple painful journeys through the centurylink tech support process with no answers.
Did you ever figure this out?
CPU $300
GPU $800
Mobo $200
RGB $3,600
Drives $200

Someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. My family is dying
(stolen from @dril on twitter).
Master Djoza
Master Djoza
Trash the GPU ;)
Herr B
Herr B
would spend at least 3000 for drives. 600 should be plenty for led
needs more rgb
The best thing about the black Corsair 5000D is that no one can see your terrible cable management.
Master Djoza
Master Djoza
With a case like that it would be embarrassing to have bad cable managament.
So much features for cable management its impossible not to have good cable management.
Mostly just joking. My cable management actually looks quite nice for once.
Brought 24 pin extension and fans. Fans were 3 pin, so I have to return them. Cable extension works great, super flexible.

Everything import is in the case now. Turns on, usb Type A's work, thermal paste isn't leaking all over the place, etc.
Placed Mobo and AIO in case. Connected USBs and front panel connectors.

The Corsair 5000D airflow I got isn't holding up as well as I thought. I think my side cable hider thing got riveted instead of screwed. Weird, but I'm making it work.

Next are fans, then an extension for the 24 pin Mobo power.
hello Everbody Since one month i am getting 100% disk usage while opening valorant and other games by system.i have ssd in my laptop buts also i am facing this annoying problem .Please help me some body i have tried every procedure to fix this but all was in vain.
My laptop specs
Os version_20h2
Windows 10 home
Ssd-_Toshiba THNSNK256GCS8 256 GB
GPU-Intel hd graphics 620
Start a thread in the Laptop Tech Support section of the forum for best results from other members.