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Dear Moretreats,

I experience the same problem as u. I don't know what is going on.What's the nature of this problem is a mystery to me.
Have u find any solution to your problem? If yes, please, share it with me, if u don't mind.
Components , Systems , Motherboards and Graphics Cards are the missing Master trophies. Trophy points are at 158,240 , but should be at least 161,090 < Exact total when account went down.
Motherboard---Gigabyte Z77 MX D3H
Processor-Intel Core i7-3770
Ram-12 GB DDR3
Graphics card--Asus Nvidia GTX 650 Ti-2 GB
Cooler-Cooler Master-H410R
SMPS-Cooler Master Thunder 600 W
OS-Windows 10 64-BIT Ver.1903
Hello, After 1 year, was it the PSU that caused Kernel-power 41 problems?
this person hasn't posted in over a year, perhaps make your own post if you have a problem. Event 41 doesn't automatically point at a PSU problem, it happens after any unexpected restart, and they can happen for many reasons
I have a motherboard of Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H8.1-S2PV (SOCKET 0). I would like to do install the Adata 256 SSD Card. The decision I am taking is it is ok ?
Would be better as a forum thread, you've posted this on your own profile.
Where is forum thread ? Thanks for the information.
FSM, grant me the serenity to know the things I cannot fix, courage to fix the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Never thought that no one could never, ever feel these strings of grief within me. Never to escape the sorrow, never to escape the pain. Countless tears flood this sea of loneliness inside me.

I'm filled with shattered dreams. Life became a dead poem, with these morose verses to sing with. Now, never to live in a dream no more, but only to sleep forever and ever.

Here I lay in this desert of DESPAIR, ain't happening much fair, Will the stars guide my vale of TEARS ? Betrayed by my own sorrow, insanity applauds me like never before;

Will YOU think of me as a HAZE ? My sand of hopelessness NEVER dries ! Without stream of LOVE, bigotry tries;

My cross, my justice and masquerade, My halo of disguise mends sanctity, so will you think of me a jaded entity ??
Metal Messiah.
Metal Messiah.
Oh LORD ! Help me as each day's too long and DARK, Why punish me, when thee never wanted ?

I sip this cup of SORROW, feared daily nothing less,

NO meaning left in my LIFE, just a flight of dark paranoia; I can't believe thy betrayal, thy justice, and thy fall !
Deaf to my cries, as thy HALO now never shineth amongst all;

The Reaper got me by night, my ego and the whip of ends....
BTW, I apologize if I have done anything wrong ? I didn't get a response from your side, so I was feeling upset, and getting negative thoughts.. I hope I didn't offend you, by posting on your profile ? Take care.