Fix Windows Taskbar Icons Randomly and Periodically Blink


You may notice the icons on taskbar refresh themselves randomly

A fix to this is to change some privacy settings

go to Privacy settings and then to Diagnostics & feedback, from there, change:

1. Diagnostic data from Full to Basic.
2. Improve Inking & typing recognition, Tailored Experience and Diagnostic data viewer all to Off.
3. Delete diagnostic data, click on Delete (This stage may not be essential)
4. Feedback frequency from Automatic (Recommended) to Never.

And this is the most important thing to do: from Start Menu, search for Feedback hub and then right click on it and click Uninstall. (don't worry, you can install it again from the Store should you ever want it again, but why would you? :p

Just uninstalling the Feedback hub app from the Start Menu (without doing steps 1-4) does the trick but I would just still do all the steps to be sure.

This should stop the random flashing.

solution found by Ahmadmob