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how to get 99% isopropyl alcohol

So a lot of people who are new to the whole computer thing don't know where to go to pick up the right kind of alcohol for cleaning their processor, and other components that may require cleaning from really pure isopropyl alcohol. Well I bet you are thinking well you just go online and type 99% isopropyl alcohol and you get results, and then you get profit. 'HA HA'. Well that is how a lot of people get their rubbing alcohol that will dry quick enough for computer parts. But what if I told you the easiest way to get the right kind of alcohol has been under your nose the whole time when ever you walk into a pharmacy. Well for the past 10 years I simply have been walking into the pharmacy, going to the counter, and asking them hey could I get some 99% isopropyl alcohol? They won't question you thinking that you might be some mad scientist trying to make some evil concoction by using the alcohol, nope they will think nothing of it. Now some of you might be younger saying well I'm only 12 can I still ask for it? The answer to that would be yes, I called and my local pharmacy said well as long as they are about old enough to go into the store alone and find the counter we don't mind selling it to people around that age. This may vary on your pharmacy but for the most part I would think any younger and you would probably still want your parent or guardian to go in with you. I checked all of my stores that had a pharmacy, and they all sold the right kind of alcohol. Some stores like Walmart I have found to carry the isopropyl just on the store shelves. For those of you asking about the price it will vary on the amount that the pharmacy sells it in. one place sold a little average sized bottle for $4, the other sold it by a half gallon jug for $14.99.

But to be honest, if you are a real computer tech don't buy Isopropyl. Buy Denatured Alcohol, this will work better than the isopropyl, and it won't leave that nasty film on everything, You can buy it at places like homedepot, menards, and lowes. You should be able to find it in the paints sections. It might seem odd when you see a tin can that looks like it is some crazy chemical that you need a mask and gloves on to use, but it really isn't. I swap between Isopropyl, and denatured all the time. For me, I like to carry around isopropyl for jobs that require me to do the work on site in my bag full of tools just because of the smell. But at home I always use denatured. You probably will find it easier to find anyways.

I probably went to much into detail about something this simple, but thanks for reading.
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