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  1. S

    Question iGPU not functioning on Intel i7-13700K ?

    Hi, I recently bought a new i7-13700K CPU with an N7 Z790 NZXT Motherboard. I cannot for the life of me get the iGPU to work. Tried: I've upgraded the BIOS from v1.x -> v3.x. Enabled iGPU multi-monitor Changed primary adapter to Integrated. Increased Shared Memory in BIOS Removed dedicated...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] I7 13700K temps too high on Noctua NHD15. Thinking to upgrading to Kraken x63

    Hi guys I am currently using a I7 13700K on my Lian Li 215 Case. Due to Ram clearance My CPU cooler NOCTUA NHD15 CROMAX is mounted up side down. Meaning Fans are pointing towards the Top of the case. When On idle My temps are 40C. When gaming temps are somewhere in the...
  3. sefirosu7

    Question New PC build experiencing random stutters during gaming/watching streams, even after a few hardware changes ?

    Hello everyone! My friend and I recently built a PC (since my old one was really old). I had purchased a Ryzen 5900x about 2 years ago but couldn't really do anything due to financial issues. Fast forward last month, my friend finally helped me build it after I purchased all the components...
  4. Maati

    Question New build has random system freezing (monitor image freezes too) requiring power button shutoff ?

    Hello, my first time posting so I'm sorry if my formatting is bad. BUILD: I7-13700k (I flashed the BIOS for it to work) 32GB Trident Z5 - DDR5 6000 (Also tried Corsair Vengeance 5000) Gigabyte 4080 (Also tried GTX 1080 ti) MPG Z690 Carbon Wifi (Also tried MPG Z690 EDGE DDR5) 1TB 990 M.2...
  5. S

    Question Optimal RAM config for Intel 13th gen?

    So I am looking to upgrade my CPU to a 13700K and I am wondering what the optimal RAM config is for Intel's 13th gen. I want to get 32GB of DDR5 RAM so I went with 2x16GB sticks of Corsair Vengeance 5600 MHz RAM but after a bit of googling I realized that these are only Single Rank DIMM's. Do...
  6. km778

    Question Is Noctua NH-D15s enough for 13700kf?

    After seeing reviews on this cpu it seems to draw a lot of power and now I'm doubting if my choice of cooler is enough. If it's not enough would the normal NH-D15 with two fans be enough? It's mostly for gaming and some photoshop / after effects, will likely try light overclocking but nothing...