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  1. K

    Question Upgrading a 4690 in 2020

    Hey guys. So its been almost 6ish years since i purchased my 4690 processor and im toying around with the idea of upgrading it. I was wondering if the i3 10100 would be a sufficient enough upgrade since processors are kinda expensive in india. What do you guys think? If not the 10100 then what...
  2. [SOLVED] Does CPU -GPU throttle affect the GPU?

    Hello guys I am thinking about going for 580 8gb instead 570 8gb "as little difference in price and over 20 fps difference" till i upgrade my CPU I5 4690 to Core I7 a year from now on the HP 600 G1 Will the 15% CPU-GPU throttle affect the 580 in a wrong way, a lot of PSU power will be wasted...
  3. X

    monitor for my pc

    hello guys,, i have gaming monitor with 60 hz cus i dont have enough money at that time cus i was just build a pc . now i have some money and i find a monitor with 144hz curved full hd which is : LG 34UC79G-B 34-Inch price : $400 BTW my pc is r5 1600 ram 8 for now ( upgrade to 16 )...
  4. G

    FAKE GPU? Fast

    Im going to buy a new cpu, (tower) and this gpu comes together. Just need to know if it is fake. please, Buying it within 2 hours, thanks. h If link doesnt work https://imgur.com/n51cpqn https://imgur.com/txplcWQ
  5. F

    What's wrong with my laptop??

    I bought a new laptop, lenovo v110-14ast with this spec: AMD A9-9420 3ghz with Radeon 530 2gb, my ram is 4gb But when i try to run Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 even in lowest setting is still have any lag, how i supposed to do?? Is that my graphic card working or just my integrated graphic? I...
  6. Akuman1

    AMD FX6300 stable?

    Hi, im looking for a stable amd fx 6300 overclock. I have tried to 4.5 ghz, it wasnt too stable but got a bsod. So i was wonderjng. I have a gigabyte ga 78lmt usb3 rev.6, I also have a coolermaster hyper evo led so no problem coolibg. if you guys could help thatd be great!
  7. J

    Intel dg31pr and Nvidia GeForce 8600 gt 1GB?

    Are they compatible?
  8. NDDU Julius BSIT

    Missing msvcp120.dll error even if i reinstalled all VC redists

    Title says it all... Is there a way to fix this? I even resorted to reinstalling the whole OS yesterday
  9. V

    What app can I use in my laptop for syncing video and audio separately

    What app can I use for syncing video and audio I have took the video in phone now there is a lot of disturbance due to air and other disturbances so want to record and sync the audio separately What app can I use to overcome this problem(or fixture)
  10. T

    several BSOD, what is issue?

    I've had several BSODs with the following errors: -Memory_Management -PFN_LIST_CORRUPT -PAGE_FAULT_IN)NONPAGED_AREA -BAD_POOL_HEADER The most common is probably the memory_management error with the PFN_list_corrupt the second most common. I get these almost exclusively when gaming. I ran...
  11. A

    Struggling making a ASUS RT166 an ACCESS POINT and print server

    I am having trouble getting my ASUS RT166 to serve as the Access Point. I just picked up a new ASUS AC3100 for my whole house and want to put the 166 in the den to serve as an access point and a print server. I thought I followed the instructions properly. I made the AP - The...
  12. boju

    Happy New Year From Australia!

    Happy New Year, all the best, hope you have a good one everyone!!!
  13. V

    razer blackwidow chroma lighting question.

    there is a lighting effect i want to do that deals with the ripple effect. what i want to do is to make only a few keys activate the ripple effect but for the ripple to spread across the whole keyboard. the only thing i can manage to do is for only the few keys to be effect by the ripple...
  14. C

    What PSU do you recommend for under £50?

    Hi there I have been waiting for black friday deals to get a good tier 2 PSU in the uk but everything good priced around £65. Can anyone recommend a good PSU for around £50. I will be getting a gpu like a r9 380 or 970 or 390 so would eventually need to power those. I won't be overclocking cpu...
  15. W

    Resolution on Windows 10

    Yesterday when I was on my PC I upgraded to Windows 10 with no problem. Today when I got on the resolution was very low. I have a 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor but it defaulted to 1024 x 768 because it was the recommended one. The only other options I have are 1280 x 1024 and 800 x 600. What...
  16. F

    How hard is it to build a pc?

    I'm thinking of buying parts for a pc but i am undecided on whether to try and build it my self or pay someone to. How hard are they to build?
  17. T

    My new pc sometimes shutdown and then restart itself.

    Case 1 - It sometimes shutdown and then restart itself. Case 2 - It sometimes shutdown but then don't restart until I keep the power button pressed for sometimes 5-6 sec or sometimes more than 15+ secs. Please help ! Config - CPU: i5 4690k RAM: Corsair 1600 mhz (4gb*2) GPU: nvidia gtx 960...
  18. D

    Building a new PC any suggestions?

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3F9mvK If you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me
  19. B

    [WTS] Custom built gaming/multimedia PC $1200

    Hello guys, I have a brand new built gaming/multimedia machine. All parts are brand new and comes with warranty. I have built many computers and guarantee quality builds or your money back. I am getting rid of some inventory because i have a mATX custom loop rig in process. Specs: CPU: Intel...
  20. S

    Very high ping?

    My isp is bt( I do not have fibre optic). I constantly get high ping, it varies from 50-150+. I try resetting the router or changing wireless channels, both of these seem to temporarily solve the problem for around 30 minutes. Any idea as to what is causing such high ping (I normally change the...