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  1. vikaskumar2299

    Question What is so bad about 6500 XT for video editors?

    Hi. I'm not a professional video editor but I often use After Effects and Premiere Pro for personal video editing. I also play a few relatively old games. Now this card (6500 XT) looks better than GTX 1650 in gaming, but what is stopping me from buying 6500 XT is there are a lot of reviews...
  2. razerleb

    Question Which GPU should I get for my first ever PC build ?

    Hello everybody, i'm 15 and i'm building my first pc ever and I had a question if I should get the 6500XT or 1650? ( non super ) I don't do any editing/video recording/rendering or any content creation at all and I don't plan to do any. Also I only play competitive games so low graphics on...