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  1. R

    Question Best LED projector for use in a bright room?

    I'm looking for a projector for artistic purposes rather than traditional home theatre use. Do you have any recommendations for a good projector that works well in a bright room that's under £500?
  2. cdoge88

    [SOLVED] I am looking for an affordable ultrawide monitor for gaming, and am stuck between a couple of LGs

    I am looking for a cheap ultrawide monitor and am stuck between 3 Lg models. LG-29UM69G-B is one of them, and this one is marketed as "gaming" and costs a modest 249.99, but I see another one from best buy, the Lg-29WL500-B, which is the same price and has most of the same features as the...
  3. M

    Question Best low light DSLR for under 750usd/670Euro

    I recently had my car robed with all my camera gear, i previously had a Sony SLT-A58 and a lot of gear for it. but almost all the gear got stolen only have a tripod and little gorilla tripod left so im in-need of a new camera and since all my gear got stolen i can start from scratch so i wanted...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Is there any good monitors that look great in 1080p and decent in 720p?

    Hello, I'm a gamer on a budget with a gtx 1050 2GB and I'm not so good with monitors. Is there any good, affordable monitors that look great in 1920x1080p and decent in 720p in modern games? The reason should seem pretty obbvious having a GTX 1050. I'm looking for 720p to not look super...
  5. W

    2 sticks different brand different timing.

    What i was wondering is that, when i have 2 sticks both running @1333mhz and have the same voltage(1,5v) but the only difference is the brand and the timing( 9-9-9-24 and 9-9-9-36) would i still be able to use them?
  6. C

    Rx 4xx vs rx 5xx

    My question is short and easy: as the rx 480 and 580 have the exact same architechture, would a rx480 overclocked to 1340 mhz (rx 580's boost clock) have the same performance of a reference rx 580? Because i have the sapphire nitro+ rx 480 8gb which is clocked at 1342 mhz and i was wondering if...
  7. P

    Will a ZOTAC GTX 1070 AMP! EXTREME fit in my case?

    I want to buy a zotac extreme gtx 1070 but I'm concerned whether it will fit in my case or not. I have upgraded from a cyberpowerpc. here's the case.
  8. S

    Upgrading based on money... to RX 480 / GTX 1060 / RX 470

    Hello everybody, I need to buy a new gfx to substitute my old HD5770 (yes, I upgrade very rarely my PC). It seems the prices of the new cards are now stabilized and more desirable to buy. I'm going to play at 1080p and even if I buy a new monitor I'm not considering to buy one with higher...
  9. W

    Looking for futuristic/ sci fi looking cases

    Im looking for cases under 70 dollars that look scifi and futuristic. I like red and not blue but if it looks really cool i might consider it. Thanks and have a nice day.
  10. K

    Computer Won't Turn on? (MSI GAMING 5 Z97)

    I built my computer around a year ago, and have never had a issue. I went downstairs yesterday, and when i came back up it was displaying no signal to my monitors. I removed the graphics card and unplugged a few cords, and then plugged them back in etc.. And it worked. I then turned off my pc...
  11. G

    clash of clans Apple id to android

    How to sign my Apple Id on my android phone and play clash of clans
  12. X

    Input on system build with a few questions

    Hey guys, It has been over 7 years since my last build :'( but fortunately because i did my research (thanks to you guys :ouimaitre:) it was able to perform for my needs throughout those years. Now, its that time again, ive done my research to the best of my ability and id like your guys input...
  13. E

    Do you trust all merchants

    I am wondering if you would choose a merchant you have never ordered from to buy parts, because they have the lowest price? There are a handful of merchants on Partspicker that I have never heard of. Would you order from a merchant you don`t know for the lower price, or choose another that you...
  14. J

    Need suggestion for GPU

    Hello everyone! I have a PowerColor video cardhttp://. When I installed Solidworks (a 3D software), I only saw the interface. I did not see any option. I have updated video card driver still same thing happens to me. What should I do? Do I upgrade the GPU? If I need to get a new GPU, I would...
  15. F

    Pls help me choose Dell or HP touchscreen laptop

    Could you pls help me? I'm looking at a Dell XPS 15 and HP OMEN Gaming Laptop 15-5211na. Both have touch screen. Below are the main specs: Dell: 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Quad Core (6M Cache, up to 3.5 GHz) 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 2133Mhz (8GBx2) 256GB PCIe Solid State Drive...
  16. D

    Sony Vegas Rendering

    Trying to speed up the rendering time I only render for Youtube and yesterday it took me 1hr & 52mins to render a 15 min video Specs Windows 10 Cpu: Intel 3770 @ 4.3 32gb Crucial Ram Msi Radeon R9 390 2TB Seagate HDD
  17. Anthony Mendez


    I just bought a 970 and im getting blue screened so I assume I need a new PSU. I need help on better PSU's and I dont think i intend ton SLI'ing but maybe in the future. Right now I have a Corsair CX600 I5 4670k GTX 970 TWIN FROZER 8GB Kingston 1TB HDD by Seagate Corsair CX600w psu I think my...
  18. K

    my one tb wd passport external HDD is nt working it shows in device manager, bios, it says device is working properly

    my hdd is not showing in computer device list..but its shows in bios nd device manager nd it say device is working properly. I tried using my hdd on other pc but it still the same.some times a drive appears but it won't work. my hdd is still in warranty.
  19. W

    how to get high fps.

    Gyuz i yesterday installed farcry 3 on my pc n im a new gamer too and i didnt know how Get more n more fps plz guyz tell me how to get so my pc confg is:- Core2duo 2.93ghz 3gb ram Nvidia gt 640 2gb ddr5 450w corsair psu
  20. Malek Agha

    What is a good amount of memory(gigabytes) for a SSD?I already have a 1 terabyte hard drive.

    My graphics card is a PowerColor Radeon R9 280 3GB TurboDuo (170 dollars).