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  1. rcald2000

    Question Cheap Ryzen CPU to prepare B450 for Zen 2?

    I was planning to pick up an AMD Athlon 200GE, in order to upgrade multiple B450 motherboards for friend's builds. Micro Center currently sell the chip for $39.99. But then I wondered if there is any used Ryzen CPU that cost less than half the cost of the 200GE. Recommendations? Thank you in...
  2. R

    Question Best GPU for AMD Athlon II X4 635 OC

    I have an old PC lying around with an AMD Athlon II X4 635 in it. I've seen people recommend the GTX 750 Ti for this at stock speed. However, I want to overclock my CPU. Most people have gotten it around 3.6-7 gHz. What would be the best GPu paring for it at those speeds? A GTX 760 or 770?
  3. P

    I want to buy GTX 760. Yes or no?

    Hi everyone So I am planning on buying a new GPU and after some researching I think that the GTX 760 is the ideal one for me(because price and easiest one available for me), but I just need someone to confirm me that and that's why I am asking here. Will the GTX 760 make me able to play newer...