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  1. E

    Noctua NF-F12 PWM vs Corsair SP 120 High Performance

    Hi, Which one would the best for cooling radiators or heatsinks: Noctua NF-F12 PWM or Corsair SP 120 High Performance? I am leaning towards the Noctuas as it has high static pressure (bit lower than the Corsairs) and the noise level is much lower. I have checked the temp results and it shows...
  2. D

    XFX - Ultra OC Radeon 7850 1GB DDR5

    I've been looking around and cant seem to come to a solid conclusion. I'm looking for a visible improvement but also not spending a fortune to do it. GPUboss doesn't have the 1gb version for comparison so i figured id ask here. Budget is sub 300, preferably 200.
  3. P

    Can I connect different audio wires

    Hi I recently purchased a Sony audio system sa-d100. I recently reconstructed my home and have some audio wires installed through the ceiling in my room. The wire I have has 2 small wires in it, a copper and a silver one . The wires of the Sony speaker are thin black colored with clips that...
  4. G

    Advanced Warfare low gpu usage high cpu usage low fps

    AMD Fx 6100 3,2GHZ no overclock Amd r9 280x Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 8gb ram 650 watt I only get 50fps at LOW on aw but this card would be able to run ultra 60+ fps! I can run bo2 ultra 180+ fps. Whats the problem how can i solve it without overclocking my cpu? I'm using latest drivers and my temps...
  5. B

    Upgrade i7-4770 in Dell XPS 8700

    Hi all hope you can help with my build I'm a bit stuck. My 8700 Mid 13 will get a few new upgrades that appear they will co-exist. But here it is PSU SeaSonic SS 660 XP2 80 Platinum, GPU EVGA GTX 760 SC 2GB, Intel i7-4770 to be upgraded, 32 GB 800 Mhz Crucial Mem to be upgraded, Crucial 480...
  6. A

    i5 4690k temperature high with stock cooler ?

    Hello guys, im a little worried about my cpu, im using the stock cooler @ 3.5 ghz , and while im iddle watching some stream im usually getting 42ºC to 50ºC, should i be worried ?i thanks
  7. J

    Building a gaming pc

    Hi, i am trying to build a gaming PC for about: 25,000 RS Case: strictly: Zalman Z9 plus or Cooler Master Force 500 or Cooler Master Elite 431-plus monitor: have it! 1280x1024 Game: BF4, ultra street fighter 4 Settings: high FPS: 60 FPS TIME: all the time in the world! = 730 DAYS = 2 YEARS=
  8. thegamersite1

    Windows 7 Freezing But Not In Safe Mode

    Well, I been having this problem the past 6 days. The PC has been freezing and acting really slow. I would open a program, browser, anything and it freezes for less than a minute and then in 5 minutes or less, it would freeze again. I tried to fix registry, but that didn't help. No virus. I...
  9. H

    8500gt 256mb DDR2 vs 210GT 1GB DRR3

    Which one is better the?? Thanks ! :)
  10. D

    do i really need a modem or just a router

    Ok im good with computers bu the internet not to good i just want to know do i really need a modem or just the router? And if i just need the router if im using my ps3 and my ipad and computer would it slow down? Or i need both for the internet to work good?