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  1. L

    Question AMD 9590 cpu revival. 180$/yearPc. Old beast not yet overclocked.

    Hi, First off i know the chip is hot, old and disliked by some but i love it and the challenge is tasty. I'm trying to revive my 9yo 9590 beast. :) i was hoping to get some advice doing it. It stopped working 1 1/2 year ago after replacing my 290x gpu with msi 470 4gb. My guess is either psu or...

    [SOLVED] I need some help on my current setup

    So i have 2 intakes which is one at the front and one in the bottom near the psu. And 3 exhaust fans 2 which are at the top and one at the back. Is this good for airflow ? Cause ive been using this for sometime and my cpu temp never goes to 60°C Gpu temps are fine i must say dosent go 80°C+...
  3. nikgenious

    [SOLVED] LED lights of case fans are not coming on after PC crash ?

    yesterday my pc crashed because of high tempratures (85+ decrees celcius) and from then on the LED lights of my case fans are not turning on. Could the high temps have killed my led lights or anything else that could happened because of the high temps?
  4. Barry Cupas

    [SOLVED] Corsair QL Fans or some other fans?

    Hey guys, My Build is still pending, I'm going for The Lian Li o11 Dynamic XL White case. I am thinking of buying the QL Fans from Corsair, and populating it all over the case. Here is my plan : 3 Fans at the bottom (for GPU Cooling) A 360 Radiator at the Top 3 Fans at the side (Fresh air for...
  5. Saber19

    Question Best budget case with good airflow?

    Hi apparently im looking for a better case than Cooler master's TD500 mesh case, the case is out of stock. if you guys have any suggestion or substitute for this case please tell me. what i would like in a case is a good cable management and good airflow probably with top vents and ATX...
  6. JohnD3mon

    [SOLVED] Push pull config exhaust or intake?

    Whats better, setting a push/pull config as a intake or an exhaust? The push/pull will be my cpu aio cooler (clc 280), it is at the top as it is too wide for the front. My specs i7 7700k @5.1 (60c when gaming) GTX 1080 (blower style card) MSI Z270 Gaming M7 16gb G.skill ripjaws V CLC 280 AIO...