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    Question PSU Causing Issues

    My PSU (~6-year-old 650W Seasonic modular, not exactly sure what model) has made noises now and again for quite some time but after upgrading my GPU (from evga 950 to zotac 1050ti) recently, it's consistently made a clicking sound which I've discovered persists when I stop the fan. It also has...
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    Question how to oc

    i just got a fx 6300 BE and a atx asus m5a97 r 2.0 mobo and want to over clock it to 4.0ghz and i ihave a hyper 212 evo and 8 gigs of ram at 1066mhz whats good for oc
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    PC Build Revision

    Hello Toms, I think I've finally finalized my PC build on pcpartpicker. Here's the build itself and here's the monitor, OS and peripherals I'm already a bit over budget so if there are any...