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  1. TwinDenis

    [SOLVED] How can I disable ftmp while still using Windows 11? (AMD - ASUS)

    Due to a known issue with AMD chips running on ftpm (I have had said stutters namely on Audio too) I decided to disable ftpm, I just wonder how to do so without the option re-enabling itself (because I tried to switch from firmware to discrete to disable it and bios automatically re enabled it...
  2. T

    Question B350 Gaming Pro Carbon BIOS Flash Failure

    TLDR: I updated my b350’s BIOS to the most recent non-beta version available on MSI’s support site to be able to upgrade my Ryzen 7 1700 to a Ryzen 9 3900x. Nothing bricked but my PC will no longer post; after the very first flash update that I did, it would post, could use the PC for a few...
  3. Build Advice Failed installing Hyper212 Evo without standoffs and backplate

    WIP Installing Master Cooler Hyper 212 EVO LED on AMD4 processor(RyZen 5 2600) missing standoffs and backplate I ordered a second hand tower cooler, expecting to easily find any missing parts. The main plus of the listing was the bracket included. WARNING! Different backplate may require...